what the fuck is this new ad shit

2009-08-21 13:58:30 by SirSloth

Are you serious NG? I came here then get dragged out to some shitty hero game advertisement, not the kind of ad that just pops up and you can click out of, but the kind that redirects you out of the site. whoever made this ad is a mucking richard.

also my computer is blue screened.


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2009-08-21 15:58:13

There should not be any ads on NG that auto-direct you to a new page. Are you sure you didn't accidentally click on a side border ad on the front page or the games page? Where did this happen and what was the ad for?

SirSloth responds:

no, the ad was for some super hero-esque video game. My computer is actually blue screened right now being reformatted, after that happening it was probably something other than an NG add, or spyware, or spyware from that ad.


2009-08-21 20:26:29

that happened to me some times, but never with NG
looks like to be more of a problem than a ad

SirSloth responds:

probably, i'm just pissed at the situation haha


2009-08-22 00:58:33

Look at Tom defending his shit.


2009-08-22 01:29:38

btw dude is this the zombie soldier ad thing??


2009-08-22 09:06:57

These aren't anything new, they've been around for several years.

You probably clicked on the ad thinking it was the play button.
That's happened to me a few time.


2009-08-22 12:07:14

"Live Der Riese"

What the christ, a World at War rip-off?