Choosing an animation school.

2009-09-28 22:09:53 by SirSloth

So i'm in the process of picking the animation school that's right for me, i've narrowed down my choices to ringling, calarts, and fullsail. But the thing is, it's rediculous to find a place to get good information on animation schools. I'm currently wasting time at another college until i apply this year, any suggestions of schools?

Also halloween game and episode/new website that will blow your goddamn mind soon.


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2009-09-28 22:47:44

Have you heard about Its an online animation course that I am enrolled in now and I highly recommend taking a look at it. Really top quality stuff, just look at their student reels!

SirSloth responds:

hm, I've done a lot of online self teachings already, I need a place where i can immerse myself in animation for a couple years.


2009-09-28 23:26:13

If your "Location: CA" is referring to Canada, I would go for Sheriden Colledge, in Oakville, near Missisauga, those places are POPULAR, they have Disney over there taking the graduates.

SirSloth responds:

Ah, nah It stands for California, I dont care where i go though as long as it'll make me a juggernaut at animating. Also Disney is notorious for being complete assholes, plus their product isn't much anymore.


2009-09-28 23:34:23 is a great site. It teaches you animation, plus you are learning and can communicate with industry professionals, how are working in it now! Plus everyone who has done it says it is awesome and great and most of them got jobs at big studios like pixar and disney. Go try it!

SirSloth responds:

haha I feel like you're a bot. Disney is worthless


2009-09-28 23:41:15

vancouver film school has a lot of cool shit coming out of it, look em up on youtube.
i live in ontario but am considering going, if i dont go to sheridan like paperbat suggested.

SirSloth responds:

Why does Canada get everything good? I'll check out how a transfer out of country would work tomorrow.


2009-09-29 01:06:13 have to debate going to mite just not deserve it then

SirSloth responds:

maybe you need to go to grammar nazi school, I'm just weighing my options via cost and such


2009-09-29 01:12:00

Calarts might be the best option because they get shit tons of money pumped in by alumni, and they teach business oriented classes. So in addition to becoming a beast of an animator, you'll know how to compete.

SirSloth responds:

Yeah I'm considering it more and more, the thing about Cal Arts is that I couldn't give two shits about getting a job at Disney, i would turn it down. But Yeah the whole "get your own studio" is a big turn on.


2009-09-29 04:20:32

Full Sail I never trusted. It's a two year college that doesn't really have a system where they turn down some applicants and accept others. They just accept everyone that can afford the $60k or so tuition for the 2 years.

Ringling is one of the schools that I considered, got accept into, and I turned it down. I hear a lot of people did what I did, and some who didn't transferred to my school, SCAD.

I'm a junior Animation student (minor in Storyboarding) at the Savannah College of Arts and Design, and yes, I recommend it. Check out their website, it's a real place, not online jibba-jabba. This spring/summer, I was seriously considering transferring to CalArts despite the fact that I have a $15k/year scholarship at SCAD. I've always heard about CalArts' reputation that is still going strong, but I was always skeptical about CalArts' majors... in which just plain ol' "Animation" was hard to find. Well... my 2D animation teacher graduated from CalArts (in Genndy Tartakovsky's graduating class) and he said that it's pretty much all based on where you feel the most comfortable and do good work where you are. I mean, what's the point of going to the greatest school in the galaxy if you're not gonna produce good work there? Companies I suppose don't really care where you graduated from, but what you packed in that demo reel.

Whenever I hear someone talking about CalArts in some way, I always feel like I missed out on the right path by not going there. I'm sure if you just go somewhere where they have the classes you want with the results you want (check out reels and CURRICULUMS), you'll be fine... although I always have a hint of doubt...

Well... hope I actually said something worth anything.

SirSloth responds:

haha yeah this was pretty good information. Yeah I don't understand why CalArts has a billion majors either, I'll check out SCAD.


2009-09-29 11:25:02

holy shit that shit looks fucking awful
I mean all that shit looks the same!
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is this a fucking joke or something?

SirSloth responds:

Pretty sure the people who posted that are bots hahaha


2009-09-29 12:12:57

Jason Steele went to fullsail.

SirSloth responds:



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