Hi Newgrounds.

2010-05-29 19:37:22 by SirSloth

Sup newgrounds?
How are you?
Gary coleman died or something.
Been a while.
I'm going to return soon.
I felt I should at least use a front page post to ask you all how you where, I guess I should be off now to go hang out with max bemis.


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2010-05-29 20:34:38

Your name sounds familiar ;P

SirSloth responds:

I wonder why :(


2010-05-29 21:15:42

I'm pretty good, you?

SirSloth responds:

Good, I went to a say anything concert tonight and max bemis spit on me.


2010-05-30 00:16:33

hello there

SirSloth responds:

sup homie


2010-05-30 13:55:35

You find out where you're going to school yet?

SirSloth responds:

cal arts in fall 2011, you?