Lookin for animationpeople

2010-11-08 00:08:08 by SirSloth

Song collab?


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2010-11-08 00:42:18

hai! :D

SirSloth responds:

Hai :)


2010-11-08 02:49:50

what kind of song collab?


2010-11-08 05:56:13

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2010-11-08 08:46:14

Just some note about Registar's comment.
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I really hope that my comment helped you with this "dick faggot" matter.

SirSloth responds:

:( @ u


2010-11-08 10:42:44

I'd be up for it


2010-11-08 11:59:57

suck a dick faggot

SirSloth responds:

give me one to suck fuckface


2010-11-08 17:18:51

Sure sounds fun.


2010-11-08 19:31:10

Pm me details :]