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2012-12-17 20:44:00 by SirSloth

Our studio has our first demo reel, come check it out !


i have a pretty easy to code game Idea for smart phones, shoot me a PM if you know your stuff well.

Lookin for animationpeople

2010-11-08 00:08:08 by SirSloth

Song collab?

Hi Newgrounds.

2010-05-29 19:37:22 by SirSloth

Sup newgrounds?
How are you?
Gary coleman died or something.
Been a while.
I'm going to return soon.
I felt I should at least use a front page post to ask you all how you where, I guess I should be off now to go hang out with max bemis.

Asking nat from community channel on a date.

2009-10-28 10:33:14 by SirSloth


Maybe post a response and support the cause, David already made an awesome song for it. And next thursday RIVERS CUOMO FROM WEEZER is going to help me out on this one, so gogogo help me outtt.

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Game Programmer needed.

2009-10-06 20:24:51 by SirSloth

So hamslice and I are in dire need of a programmer for our halloween game, it's been in production for 3 years on and off, and we're finally finished with the graphics, we're wrapping up cut scenes right now.
If anyone wants to join us and program this game post here or PM me, the engine is a platform style one, with a level where there's a screen chase.
As far as sponsorship goes we are Pushing for an NG sponsorship which requires me to send a demo of the game to Tom, we will be fair and generous about splitting the sponsorship as we understand programming isn't easy. We just want to see our game come to life.


Game Programmer needed.

Choosing an animation school.

2009-09-28 22:09:53 by SirSloth

So i'm in the process of picking the animation school that's right for me, i've narrowed down my choices to ringling, calarts, and fullsail. But the thing is, it's rediculous to find a place to get good information on animation schools. I'm currently wasting time at another college until i apply this year, any suggestions of schools?

Also halloween game and episode/new website that will blow your goddamn mind soon.

September releases and weezer

2009-08-25 18:51:31 by SirSloth

well weezer has a new single that is pretty amazing out, makes up for a bit of the last album.

and i'll have action science episode one up this month, and a new site for urbanturf.

what the fuck is this new ad shit

2009-08-21 13:58:30 by SirSloth

Are you serious NG? I came here then get dragged out to some shitty hero game advertisement, not the kind of ad that just pops up and you can click out of, but the kind that redirects you out of the site. whoever made this ad is a mucking richard.

also my computer is blue screened.


2009-05-05 11:11:53 by SirSloth